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Village amenities

Church interior photo

Interior of St. Mary's Church, Antingham

We asked if you thought there were enough facilities, across a range of ages, in the village for the following age groups.

The results are as follows:-

Block chart of results

We asked if you used the existing community facilities.

The results are as follows:-

YesNoNo response
Village hall38%58%4%

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Village hall photo

Antingham village hall

Your reasons for not using the community facilities included the opinions that, it did not cater for your age group and people were unaware of events.

We asked if the hall met the needs of the village, 49% said yes and 31% said no with 20% no response. Responses as to how it could be improved included; the feeling that the hall was poorly situated and it needed more facilities and modernisation but the only real improvement would be a village hall in the village. 74% of you would like to see education and leisure classes at the village hall. Many activities were requested, the most popular being: yoga, youth club, I.T. and art and craft.

We asked you if you thought the village would benefit from other amenities, such as allotments, benches and footpaths, 65% said yes, 30% said no with 5% no responses.

At present the Village Hall offers the following facilities and sessions:-

  • Line Dancing
  • Facilities for parties and venue hire, (with fully equipped kitchen, toilet facilities and disabled access)
  • Occasional quizzes and bingo sessions
  • Carpet bowls
  • Amateur Radio
  • Table Tennis Club for adults and young people

Opinions on whether the hall should be moved nearer to the main body of housing were 68% in favour and 25% against and 7% making no response. Some residents comments were as follows:-

It would make more sense if sited centrally in the village.

It is well used but not by locals.

They doubted that finding a new site would change that.

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The results of opinions on how important you thought the following were, if there was a new village hall*:

Not importantQuite importantVery important
New community building26%26%28%
Bar and social club27%40%16%
Teenagers cafe23%61%16%
Play area15%36%36%
Village green23%31%26%
Playing field17%35%32%
Sports facilities17%35%26%
Area for social groups16%33%31%
Meeting room22%31%22%
Internet facilities12%17%14%

*There were some non-respondents.

Church exterior photo

St Mary's Church, Antingham

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