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These are extracts from the section at the end of the questionnaire where residents were encouraged to have their say.

  • There is a problem with the speed and weight of traffic and a lack of public transport. Can I assume that the idea of a Halt for trains, suggested in the 1970s has been dropped?
  • Enjoy living here. The traffic speed has increased over the years, so some sort of calming measures would be good, especially for the safety of pedestrians and cyclists. The sense of community could be improved to help younger people and maybe residents who feel isolated here.
  • The most important aspect is that of speed. There should be illuminated signs (20M) and Slow Down, from the level crossing past the junction of Elderton Lane.
  • There is a 10 minute wait sometimes when the railway barrier comes down until the train arrives. This could cause impatience and thus an accident.
  • The level crossing lighting is visually intrusive.
  • I would like tractors and lorries, cars and motorcycles, to slow right down from the bypass to the school and beyond.
  • Speed restrictions are the top priority.
  • A passing lane and central reservation for those turning right into Southrepps Road is needed.
  • There should be speed cameras at busy times to stop speeding motorists.
  • A passenger platform at Antingham crossing for all who walk or cycle to the train would create a heart to the village and freedom to travel at any age.
  • Would love allotments, which would increase the community spirit and be useful.
  • The Village Hall is badly placed resulting in no focal point for the community.
  • More activities at the Village Hall are needed and more volunteers for the committee.
  • Any sports facilities should be well away from the houses. More activities could result in anti-social behaviour.
  • We would benefit from a community shop to meet people and find out what is happening in the village.
  • The Village Screen film shows would be warmly received.
  • It is better to modernise the Village Hall, not build a new building, as the location will not suit everybody.
  • I would like some kind of village shop/Post Office, however unlikely this is.
  • Having only lived in the village three years we are tucked away where things are quiet and there are few problems. We would like to know more about the village life with a newsletter sometimes.
  • The post box has a small slot and only smaller letters can be posted (i.e. some Christmas cards will not fit in).
  • We need a post box at Antingham Hill.
  • We need more facilities for younger people to keep them off the streets and a single parent group for a get-together and a chat.
  • Mains drainage and gas would be an advantage.
  • Better drainage is needed in Southrepps Road, this would greatly improve flooding problems in time of heavy rain.
  • The no.1 priority is main drainage.
  • We have dissatisfaction with the N.N.D.C. regarding flooding at Elderton Lane.
  • More underground cabling of utilities could improve the aesthetics of the village.
  • The village lacks a coherent centre which makes interaction difficult. (No pub/no shop).
  • The area around the old church reduced by half to make safe and then to lay lawn for the purpose of making a contemplative area.
  • The map in the church should be conserved properly, as it is a rare document.
  • No change please! It is perfect as it is. Please don't spoil it.
  • The physical layout of the village does not encourage a sense of community as there is no village green as a core.
  • It is difficult to meet people if you do not have children or a pub. A feeling that there is no heart to the village.
  • It would be lovely to see blossom trees and benches in the centre of Church Close Green and a play area by the Village Hall, if it could be moved.
  • One resident expressed a thank you for allowing us to have OUR SAY.
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Comprising age group 8-11

How this group spent their spare time included:
Seeing friends, listening to music, cycling and playing computer games.

As there are no activities here the majority have to travel to North Walsham and further away to take part in activities such as:
swimming, gymnastics, brownies, youth clubs, football and music lessons.

Local activities requested included:
dancing, motor cross, judo, football and arts and crafts.

Other facilities requested included:
a playing field and play area, hides for bird watching and somewhere to meet friends.

Problems for juniors included speeding traffic and nowhere to play.

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Comprising age group 12-17

All 12-17 year olds were in full time education.

Leisure activities included:
walking, cycling, listening to music, playing p.c. games and seeing friends.

The library in North Walsham was used for the internet and other interests were sport, dance and drama.

12-17 year olds requested:
a youth club for social activities, an internet club, a gym and also a motor cross track.

Students have to travel for all outside hobbies and activities, relying on lifts from parents and friends, cycling, using the bus or a taxi, mopeds, the school bus and the train.

Some students have to travel as far as Norwich, Aylsham and Sheringham.

Issues of concern included:
Lack of street lights, speeding traffic, nowhere to go locally and poor bus services.
A further issue was that more trains need to stop at Gunton and that there were no local activities.

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