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Environment and Leisure

Bulk buying

49% thought that bulk buying schemes (e.g. oil) were a good idea and 36% were interested in joining a scheme.


12% of residents were concerned about litter stating a problem with fly tipping between Pond Lane and Antingham Hill and rubbish thrown on verges from passing cars.

Puppy walking


26% of residents were concerned about dog fouling stating that problem areas were:

  • The woods by the school
  • Public footpaths
  • Sandy Lane

63% wanted a dog bin in the village. Suggestions on placing this included:

  • Both ends of the village
  • The entrance to Church Close
  • At the start and end of footpaths
  • Near the railway line and level crossing
  • The junction of Sandy Lane and Southrepps Road

Village sign

84% of residents thought that the village sign should be repainted.

This has been done.

Village sign Repainted village sign

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The following results were received with regard to the question, Do the footpath signs give sufficient information?

Pie chart of results. Sufficient 42%. Not sufficient 47%. No response 11%.

Improvements suggested included:

  • Signboards
  • Giving circular walks
  • Distances should be listed

Walker sign


57% of residents would like to see more social activities in the village.

Pie chart of results. More activities 57%. No more 25%. No response 18%.

If a mobile gym was hired for four weeks, 31% said they would use it.

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