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Public and other services



The question relating as to whether there was enough liaison between the police and the village gave the following results:

YesNoDon't know

Crime level is exceedingly low in Antingham.
(For your interest there is a regular Police presence at the Parish Council Meetings).
56% of residents wanted a Neighbourhood Watch Scheme revived.


The results of the question regarding how well Antingham is served by Health and Care Services is as follows*:

PoorlyAverageWellVery wellDon't know
Doctor's surgery11%17%31%13%11%
Home nursing and caring2%17%9%5%52%
NHS Dentistry23%20%17%7%17%
A and E33%25%10%5%15%
Out patients20%30%12%7%17%

*There were some non-respondents.

Most people found that they can access Health and Care services. However some residents who do not drive found it a problem, as the distance to the Norfolk and Norwich Hospital proved very difficult and bus times are not compatible with appointments.


We found the following result relating to the question Do you use the mobile library?

Block chart of results. Regularly 5%. Sometimes 7%. Never 88%.

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We found the following result regarding Broadband satisfaction.

Pie chart of results. Satisfied 27%. Not satified 48%. No response 25%.

Comments regarding Broadband included, the service was very slow and that connection could be lost in the evening.

Sewage and drainage

Residents were asked if they had a problem with foul drainage. 10% said yes and 80% said no with 10% not responding.

Problems raised were that the drainage system can be overwhelmed at times of heavy rain and that the septic tank requires frequent emptying.

When asked if mains drainage were to be offered, 53% said yes and 28% said no, with 19% not responding.

28% of residents said they had a problem with surface drainage, listing the following areas:
In general there seems to be a problem with surface drainage affecting parts of Antingham Hill, Church Close and The Southrepps Road junction with Elderton Lane.

refuse bin picture


75% of people thought that the refuse collection was adequate. 14% did not respond and the 11% that did not agree stated the following reasons:

  • No glass collection
  • Household waste should be collected weekly

49% of residents used the recycling facilities at the village hall, which are for paper and glass. 60% wanted more recycling facilities here and 33% were interested in a composting scheme.

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ballot box picture


The question, Do residents look at the Parish Notice Board? gave the following result;

Block chart of results. Regularly 10%. Sometimes 53%. Never 37%.

Parish Council Meetings

69% of people were aware that the meeting was open to all residents and 69% were also aware that the District Councillor Graham Jones was in attendance.

The majority of people (59%) said they were unaware of how the Parish Council reached decisions.

84% of residents wanted a village newsletter and only 5% thought a website would be beneficial.

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