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Most people in the village used their own transport.

40% used local transport and most people used the train rather than the bus or taxi.

48% said they would use the bus service if it was more frequent.

Only 1% used community transport.

52% wanted a bus shelter and 93% a timetable board for bus times.

vehicle pictures


The general feeling was that traffic travels too fast through the whole village. 70% of people thought that traffic was travelling too fast.

59% wanted traffic calming measures and the most popular option was illuminated signs, as 72% opted for this.

62% of people thought there was a problem with pedestrian safety as cars were generally travelling too fast, especially on bends and at peak times. There are no pathways and it is difficult to get off the road.

A question on parking problems revealed that 53% thought there was no problem. The areas of concern mentioned were through the main body of housing and by the school.

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